Jennifer Lopez Poses With Lil Wayne On 'I'm Into You' Video Set

New photos show the pair all dressed in black and mugging for the camera on set.

What happens when Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne shoot a video together? Well, according to two new stills from the "I'm Into You" video set, the two take it very seriously and dress all in black.

In one photo, J.Lo is seen standing in a very little black dress and thigh-high boots, looking fiercely into the camera. Wayne is standing next to her, also in all black, checking the time on his watch. In another shot, the pair stands back to back, in the same outfits, both looking like they are deep in thought.

The video is set to drop on May 2, a day before J.Lo's album Love? hits the street. Previous photos from the video set show the "American Idol" judge in a much more exotic locale at Chichen Itza in Mexico.

At Chichen Itza, the singer was spotted sitting atop the steps of the historic pyramid, glaring seductively, with her legs crossed, as a camera crew hovers below her. She was wearing a long snake-print sundress with matching bracelets and headband. Another on-set photo shows Lopez in a metallic two-piece, showing her midriff and legs.

"I'm Into You" is the second single off her forthcoming album. She climbed to the top of the charts with the first single, the RedOne-produced, Pitbull-assisted dance song "On the Floor."

When she's not busy being a dance diva, Lopez is judging talent on "Idol," shopping a new reality show and gearing up to perform at the Billboard Music Awards.

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