Audrina Patridge 'Not Surprised' Mom Is New Show's Breakout Star

Ex-'Hills' star tells MTV News outspoken mom Lynn has always been 'the life of the party.'

Even before Audrina Patridge's new VH1 show, "Audrina," debuted last Sunday, the Internet was abuzz about what her mom, Lynn, would bring to the show. In many ways, Lynn's the breakout star of the reality series, which follows Audrina's career, love life and family.

"I was not surprised at all that my mom was a breakout star," she told MTV News. "She's the life of the party everywhere we go and ever since we were little, everyone that meets my mom, they absolutely fall in love with her. She just has that personality and she's very blunt and says what she means, but it all comes out from a good place and she's so much fun and has the biggest heart. I was excited for her."

Audrina is, of course, no rookie when it comes to starring in a reality show. She spent years sharing life with the world as one of the breakout stars of MTV's "The Hills." Now, however, she's ready to show more than just Justin Bobby drama.

"I was really excited. You know, it's kind of crazy watching yourself again and reliving everything that you went through, but it was fun," she said of the debut episode of "Audrina."

"It's different and similar [to 'The Hills'], and in many ways I feel like it's different because it's really about my life outside of 'The Hills' world," she continued. "And so this is really up close and personal. My family's in it, my relationship's in it and my business is in it, my endorsements and everything, like, my dreams and goals and trying to achieve that."

And if you thought she shared a lot in the past, just wait till you see what happens in the show's upcoming episodes. "I really opened up and brought the cameras with me. ... This is me uncensored and it's my family uncensored," she teased. "What you see is what you get."

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