Exclusive Trailer: Watch Emma Roberts In 'The Art Of Getting By'

We've got a sneak peek at the trailer for the Sundance favorite formerly known as 'Homework.'

Back in January, when it was still called "Homework," Emma Roberts' indie coming-of-age tale became one of the Sundance festival's most buzzy films, selling to Fox Searchlight for reportedly more than $3 million on the same day of its premiere.

"That was our dream!" Roberts said when we caught up with her at Sundance. "I can't believe it happened the day it premiered. I got the call and I freaked out."

Now re-titled "The Art of Getting By" and slated for a June 17 release, MTV News is premiering the film's first trailer. Roberts stars as a popular yet disillusioned high school senior who forms an unlikely bond with Freddie Highmore's artistic outcast toward the end of the school year. He teaches her how to slack off, she basically declares herself open to a romantic advance, and still the twosome can't quite come together.

"What I loved about her is that on paper, she could very much be the cliché of the popular girl, but the way she's written and the way I tried to play her, is that there's much more than that," Roberts told us. "I hate in teen movies when you're categorized as, 'You're this, not that,' when in real life, people are a mixture of everything. I liked that she had this edge to her, but she was also really genuine."

Though Roberts gives Highmore a seriously hard time on screen, they got along very well when the cameras stopped rolling. "Freddie and I had a really great off-camera banter, so on-camera I think it played really well," she said. "We had great chemistry, as they say."

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