Tyler Perry On Madea: Fans 'Won't Let It Go'

'Madea's Big Happy Family' director/star laughs to MTV News, 'That old broad is going to jump' once moviegoers tire of her.

It's no question that Tyler Perry's Madea character is beloved by fans. So much so, that with the release of "Madea's Big Happy Family" this week, the outspoken, no-nonsense matriarch hits the big screen for the sixth time.

And as much as Perry loves the fan fervor for Madea, he's hinted multiple times over the years that he would love to kill the character off some way, somehow. But there's just one thing: The fans won't let him!

"The people, they won't let it go," Perry told MTV News at the premiere of "Madea's Big Happy Family" on Tuesday night. "They won't let it go. I got about a million messages on my message board of people saying how much they love it, so as long as people want to see it, I'll keep doing it," he promised.

"The minute they stop coming [to see Madea in movies], that old broad is going to jump, and she'll be gone, I'm telling you."

So with all that love/hate built up for his own creation, does Madea haunt Tyler Perry?

"No, not at all," he said with a laugh. "God forbid, that would be scary." Perry went on to say that hes very capable of separating the craziness of Madea from his own persona, despite what people may think.

"Sometimes I'll get excited and my voice will raise a little bit and people will think that's me going into [Madea]," he said. "But no."

In "Big Happy Family," which opens this Friday,April 22, Madea is tasked with helping a few of her troubled family members get their lives back on track, via her M.O. of tough love and witty one-liners. The film also stars Shad "Bow Wow" Moss, David Mann, Cassi Davis, Tamela Mann, Lauren London, Isaiah Mustafa and Teyana Taylor.

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