YG Samples The Chronic, But He's Firmly New West

'Toot It and Boot It' MC talks to MTV News about his Snoop Dogg co-sign and his plan to make everybody know his name.

Movements like the New West, which MTV News has been covering all week, may start underground, but in order to maintain mainstream recognition, they need hits. The surging L.A. hip-hop scene can thank YG for delivering a smash with last year's "Toot It and Boot It," which only got bigger when 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg jumped on its official remix.

The Compton rapper — and XXL magazine Freshmen 2011 cover artist — is looking to prove he has more bangers in store with a new song that samples a track from Dr. Dre's landmark album The Chronic.

"You just going to have to blank it, it's called 'Bitches Ain't Sh--,' I know it sounds f---ed up," YG told MTV News. "I'm some West Coast sh--. Shout-out to the big homey, Snoop. You always gotta sample some old sh--, ya feel me?"

No worries on whether Snoop will approve of YG flipping his voice for the chorus of the new song that shares its title with the original: He's already given it his blessing.

"I had a show at the Key Club and I brought Snoop out," YG said. "He did five of his songs, turned it up, and I was like, 'Ay, hold up, Snoop, I got this new sh--.' Had my DJ drop it. Snoop, Daz [Dillinger] and them was f---ing with it, so it's all good."

YG signed to Def Jam in 2009 and hopes to keep cranking out more hits to put his hometown back atop the rap heap. YG's version of "Bitches Ain't Sh--," which features Young Money's Tyga and Nipsey Hussle, appears on his Just Re'd Up mixtape and was produced by his DJ, Mustard, who also produced YG's "Patty Cake" single. Besides appearing in the upcoming Mario Van Peebles-directed film "We Are the Party" (along with Snoop and the Rej3ctz), YG plans to keep solidifying his growing fanbase before dropping his Def Jam debut, Fresh On Campus, later this year.

"You know how people know 'Toot It and Boot It' but they don't know me? I'm trying to fix that problem right now," YG explained. "Then after everybody know me, then I'll focus on an album. I'm not focused on an album right now. I [don't] give a f--- about an album right now. I'm just dropping mixtapes, dropping songs, trying to kill the radio, kill the streets, tours, shows, movies, mixtapes, it don't matter — I'm doing everything."

Stick with us all week as MTV News turns the spotlight on the New West, including a special edition of "RapFix Live" with Cali's own Tyga on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on MTV.com. We're bringing you the next wave of hip-hop acts helping restore faith in the L.A. rap scene. From groups like Odd Future to rising MCs like Dom Kennedy, we'll bring you up close and personal to these artists as they carve their own lanes in the post-gangsta rap era. Keep it locked here for the next week for more on the West Coast up-and-comers!