'Glee'-Cap: Gwyneth Paltrow, Charice Fill In For A Plot

As the New Directions raise cash, we hold out hope for a bigger return next week.

Our month-long wait for a new "Glee" episode ended this week, but we'll have to wait a little longer for the full-fledged return of Klaine. At least Charice and Gwyneth Paltrow were back, right? The whole episode led to a slightly melancholy, acoustic recap. Sing along, and then cross your fingers for next week!

"Glee" was back tonight.

I'm sad to say it felt slight.

Scraps of plot lines are not quite

How you're supposed to write.

A concert to raise cash,

Mercedes wants a big splash.

She does so by being an ass.

"Rachel, speak to her," Quinn asks.

Oh, the irony

Of Lea Michele talking humility.

But it works,

Then Mercedes WERKS.

Sue is out for blood,

Rallies the troops to sling some mud.

We've seen this before.

Sue is making me snore.

Stamos is gone,

Will feeds Emma some grapes

And then Holly sees flirting,

She takes a job, leaves again.

Rejects Cheyenne who wants to be her man,

And then Mike was on "So You Think You Can Dance" (dance dance dance).

Oh, I missed you, "Glee,"

But you return and things are all wonky.

It hurts,

Only five seconds with Kurt.

An hour of neglect,

Why should I be surprised that they'd forget

My Klaine

For more of the same?

Charice for no reason,

Gwyneth's Adele song


It hurt my brain and heart

Next time will be good,

At least I think it probably should

Bring the "haha"

90 minutes for Gaga.

I want you funny,

But to also make sense.

Me and "Glee" are in a bad romance.

How come no parents at

The benefit dance?

Me and "Glee" are in a bad romance.

"Glee" 's back tonight,

Here's hoping they get next week right.

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