Kendra Wilkinson Has A 'Boxer's State Of Mind' On 'Dancing With The Stars'

'I want to fight, but ... I have to realize that it's a dance,' she tells MTV News.

Kendra Wilkinson and her "Dancing With the Stars" partner Louis Van Amstel told MTV News they were working on a "fun" foxtrot for this week, and judging by their performance and the audience reactions, it looks like they succeeded.

Wilkinson also told us that the "fun" aspect of the competition can be the most challenging — especially on performance nights.

"Monday nights are nerve-racking for me," she said. "I am giving it my all, though ... but I can't help but be nervous.

"The anticipation of going into the dance is the worst," Wilkinson continued. "I'm a boxer when it comes to that. I have a boxer's state of mind. I'm going into it like a fight, almost," she explained of her self-imposed intensity. "I want to win, I want to fight, but it's not that. I have to realize that it's a dance. I have to remain calm and relaxed. That's what I'm trying to work on: not going into it like a fight, looking at it like a dance."

But Van Amstel pointed out that his partner's intensity and commitment make for an excellent student.

"I think from all the celebrities, the one who picks it up the fastest is Kendra," he said. "It is purely the anticipation [on] show day, really psyching herself out, like a boxer does. Your opponent needs to go down," he said of trying to help soothe tough mentality, "but in the end, it's only us on the dance floor."

"I really thought last week we were going to be gone, but we have such an amazing fanbase that they voted us through," Wilkinson said of her fans. "And I'm just so happy."

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