Alchemist Promises Curren$y Covert Coup Will Leave You 'High'

Producer talks to Mixtape Daily about the 4/20 release, plus his updates on Mobb Deep, Roc Marciano, more.

Mixtape Daily: Behind the Beats

The Alchemist has plenty of sonic concoctions on tap for 2011. One of the esteemed hip-hop producer's latest projects is New Orleans rapper Curren$y's Covert Coup mixtape. And while Alc is used to dropping projects that are strictly for sale, the Coup tape is a free release.

Chalk it up as a small price to pay for working with an ambitious MC like Spitta.

"He got his own zone," Alchemist told Mixtape Daily of Curren$y. "I hadn't worked with him before that but when he worked, he works quick. Same way I work, too, which is good because we were able to knock out a couple of joints the first day and decide where it could go. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't want to make anything that was like [what] he had done before or I didn't want to go too far and make some different sh-- either. Let's just make some fly sh--.

The two artists, who met a few years back when Alchemist was working on his Chemical Warfare album, have an in-studio rapport.

"Obviously, I guess it would be redundant to say we were smoking weed, we made the music very high," Alchemist admitted with a laugh. "It definitely is the audio equivalent of that; you'll definitely feel high after you listen to it. I had a lot of fun doing it, man. He ain't really restricted with his music as far as how he created, he's real loose, that's how I like to be too."

For now, Alc is nixing any rumors that he had a label deal through Shady Records, although he's still Eminem's tour DJ. And recent Shady Records signees Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse were sent some Alchemist beats for consideration. And that's not all. The Hollywood-bred producer has a busy year of projects ahead of him. He's contributing beats to Evidence's new album and working on their joint project, Step Brothers.

A new Gangrene album is also on the way via Decon Records. Dropping April 20 is Covert Coup, which Curren$y told us was created over a few studio sessions since both Alc and Spitta were adamant about not creating an album by emailing MP3s back and forth. The album is free but they'll be selling T-shirts via Diamond Supply Co.

"It's an experiment for me, too, to put out an album like this, I usually put it out for sale," Alchemist said. "We're planting the seed for maybe a future one for real. I'm trying to get my weight up and see if I can move some shirts. That'll be my SoundScan first."

On Roc Marciano's upcoming album: "I'm working with Roc Marci right now and that sh-- is just, he is just, oh my ... That's like my favorite sh-- in my iTunes, right now. He came out to L.A. a couple of times and we're like six to eight joints deep. We're going to work on a side project eventually but in the meantime anything I can do to help his new album. He got crazy sh--. Anyways, we came together and he just inspires me to make music. His rhymes are on another level, where his deliveries at he's just so comfortable right now. I'm real hype about the stuff I'm doing with him. Roc is incredible, his rhyme flow, the words he chooses, he's just on another level. The next album he's coming out on Decon and I know Tip is helping out. I'm glad I'm helping with that too."

On a new Mobb Deep release: "We got some things in order; when the time is right I'm sure it will be out there. But definitely some plans for this new Mobb music. We're so deep with music already. Basically, we're focusing on making the Mobb Deep album first. There's records already, like, 'Yeah this is Mobb Deep,' or, 'This is P's solo or whatever.' Just planning it out and making sure that the first move is Mobb Deep's best foot forward."

On a sequel to Return of the Mac with Prodigy: "Yeah! We gotta do that sh--. Oh man, it's so many opportunities now, man! It's definitely exciting man."

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