Taylor Kitsch Teases 'John Carter Of Mars' Trailer

'I saw the official trailer hours ago. [I'm] over the moon,' 'Friday Night Lights' actor says.

Although the release date for the highly anticipated "John Carter of Mars" is still a ways away (March 9, 2012, to be exact), we might be close to seeing an official trailer very soon.

When MTV News caught up with star Taylor Kitsch yesterday during the press day for his upcoming drama "The Bang Bang Club," we were pleasantly surprised to learn he had just seen the trailer.

"We're doing some fun little pickups right now," Kitsch said. "I saw the official trailer hours ago. [I'm] over the moon," he revealed. "We are just ... it's a special film. It's going to be a good ride. I'm pumped!"

Although he couldn't go into specifics, Kitsch teased that when fans do see the trailer, they might have a hard time figuring out exactly what they're seeing.

"Man, I would love to get going and tell you everything about it," he said. "All I'll say is, good luck piecing it together. You're going to be like, 'How the f--- does this all fit together?' "

"And there's a lot of heart in it too, to say the least," he added. "Yeah, I'm excited about it."

The "Friday Night Lights" actor's comments about the unique look of the film mirrored those of director Andrew Stanton, who told us that his take on the story, which is based on a series of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels about a Civil War veteran who becomes a great hero on Mars, will not look like anything we've seen before.

"I didn't try to make it look like anything else," the Oscar winner told us back in January. "I really tried to make it its own thing. I tried to make a very historically accurate Martian film, if that makes sense," he said. "So I'll let you decipher that."

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