Taylor Lautner Is 'Close' With 'Breaking Dawn' Love Mackenzie Foy

'She's the cutest little girl, and she's so smart,' he tells MTV News of 10-year-old actress playing Renesmee.

Taylor Lautner is still pining away for Bella in "Breaking Dawn," but she's already made her decision to marry Edward instead of pursuing a life with Jacob.

But don't feel too bad for the werewolf. (Spoiler alert for those unfamiliar with the books!) He finds a new love in his own unique way when he imprints himself on Bella and Edward's infant vampire daughter, Renesmee. Lautner told MTV News during "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" last week that he and pre-teen Mackenzie Foy, who plays Renesmee in "Part 2," have become fast friends, despite the awkward circumstances.

"She's so awesome," he said of the 10-year-old. "She's the cutest little girl, and she's so smart, so on it and so talented. She's great. ... We're close."

The story not only touches on that romance, but also, finally, shows Bella and Edward on their romantic honeymoon (sexy photos of which were leaked earlier this month, much to the dismay of "Twilight" studio Summit Entertainment and Robert Pattinson). Lautner said he had some interesting inspiration when he was playing Jacob thinking about his former flame and rival married.

"It's like the story's always told from Bella, but when they're at the honeymoon, you'll be able to see me thinking about what they're doing on the honeymoon," he said. "Very awkward," he jokingly added.

"When we were filming that scene, I'm like, 'So, [director] Bill Condon, what am I thinking right now?' " he recalled of having on-set discussions about Jacob's story. "He's like, 'Just imagine what's going on in Brazil right now.' "

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