'Lemonade Mouth' Has 'Real People Going Through Real Stuff,' Stars Say

Five new Disney Channel stars say the movie, premiering Friday night, is all about the music.

It's Friday, and that means that the highly anticipated new Disney flick "Lemonade Mouth" premieres in a living room near you. The story follows a group of teens who start a band to deal with their high school angst and the stars, who stopped by the MTV News offices earlier this week, said there's a lot of heart in the story, based on the book by Mark Peter Hughes.

That heart, it seems, is reflected in the songs. "I want them to see the music in the movie, because I think that completely changes it," Bridgit Mendler said. "I think that the music alone is really fun."

"Every song has a meaning throughout our story line of Lemonade Mouth," Adam Hicks added. "We write songs [in the movie] to what we're going through, and you see us rehearse and you see the band grow."

Naomi Scott wants fans to see that growth over the course of the flick. "I really want people to be able to really know our characters, and I think by the end of the film, they do; they know who Lemonade Mouth are," she said.

But those who aren't big fans of musicals shouldn't fret. The cast wants viewers to know: This not a musical. It's a movie about a band. "It's not just like a movie where we get up and start singing through the hallways," Blake Michael said. "It's real people going through real stuff."

So what should fans be most excited for? "The music, the performances!" the cast said in unison.

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