Martin Solveig's 'Ready 2 Go' Video Premieres

DJ/producer drops second clip from his album Smash, set to drop this summer.

Martin Solveig may very well be one of the greatest athletes in dance music. And if you were one of the more than 22 million people who viewed his music video for "Hello" on YouTube — you know, the one where Solveig comes all the way back from a 6-love, 6-love deficit against fellow Frenchman Bob Sinclar, only to throw the tennis match due to a broken heart — then you know exactly why. And now Solveig has released his latest homage to sports with his video for "Ready 2 Go," which premiered Friday (April 15).

"We are shooting the video and episode for this at Stade de France," Solveig told MTV News at Miami's Ultra Music Festival last month. The track features the vocals of Bloc Party's Kele Okereke, which keeps the overall feel "a bit more on the rock side. It's quite exciting."

Exciting is a bit of an understatement. Fueled by the massive success of "Hello," which was filmed live in front of 15,000 fans at the Roland Garros Tennis Stadium, "Ready 2 Go" again ventures toward high drama, with a humorous and ambitious plot that in the real world would likely land Solveig and his cohorts in prison.

Cleverly garnished with vérité artifacts from the "Hello" video such as Solveig's racquet and the umpire chair, which is used as a ladder to break into the stadium in the middle of the night, the video puts the Frenchman midfield in front of a packed crowd at Europe's fifth-largest stadium. There are cheerleaders, those big inflatable dancing humanoid things you see at car dealerships, and an impressive interaction with the stadium's 50,000-plus fans. And as a testament to how organic the video shoot actually was, the entire scene was filmed in just one take. But even Solveig admits that his expectations are in check, and on the heels of his fifth studio album, Smash, the always humble Frenchman knows better than to rest on his laurels.

"To be honest, you can never really know what's going to happen with a track. The success of 'Hello' has gone a little bit over my craziest expectations, so I'm just so happy and really blessed by that," Solveig said. "Ready 2 Go" marks the second cut from the album, due out this summer, which Solveig tells MTV News will be complemented by a number of up-and-coming vocalists.

"I'm super-excited — I've worked a lot with Dragonette (who also makes a cameo in the 'Ready 2 Go' video). I connect very easily [with her]. We've got four tracks on the album, Kele has the new one, and [then there's] a new talent called Sunday Girl who will be featured on the album's third single, 'Turn Up the Radio.' " The 23-year-old British model and musician will also be joining Solveig on four dates of Australia's Creamfields tour, before his own Smash tour heads back to Europe for the summer months.

"It's mainly almost exclusively a European tour for the summer because we're doing a lot. I'll be traveling with Lafaille, who [plays my] manager in the web series [and videos], and he'll be DJing as well. There's a couple of productions — nothing too fancy, just in my field of entertainment — so we're going to have a pretty epic tour. So I'm excited!"

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