'Glee' Star Ashley Fink Recalls Her Law-Breaking Past On 'When I Was 17'

Actress tried bolting from the police after violating midnight curfew.

"Glee" breakout star Ashley Fink will be the first to tell you she's not the most rebellious person in the world. So how did she end up running from the cops? Ashley reveals all in this week's episode of "When I Was 17."

No, Ashley did not commit any felony — but she did break a curfew. "My mum was pretty strict, and so only going out with my oldest sister was allowed," she explains on the latest episode, which premieres Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on MTV. "And so we'd go to City Walk to see movies on weekends."

According to Ashley's sister, Stephanie, the City Walk entertainment complex had a curfew, and if someone underage was out after that time, the police would begin handing out citations.

"So we went out, and we saw some horror movie," Ashley recalls. "And we got out at like 12:03 a.m., and I remember seeing the curfew police and being like, 'No!!!'

"So I literally took off. I bolted. If I had just walked out of the theater and been cool and walked to the car, then nothing would've happened. But of course, I was like, 'Ah! I'm breaking the law!' and bolted down City Walk. So [the police] came after me and I was literally cornered. It was ridiculous!"

According to Ashley's friend Brandon, "Ashley was probably the most timid person when it came to breaking the rules," so imagine her fear when she was caught by the curfew police.

"They were like, 'What's your name?' And I was like, 'Ashley.' And then, 'What's your last name?' and I was like, 'Green?' I was like, 'Think of a color!' recalls Ashley, who demonstrated some impressive lying skills there.

Fortunately for the actress, her sister Stephanie swooped in to save the day, apologizing to the police, and saying that it was Ashley's birthday, and so the police let her go.

"I felt so guilty. But then again, I was so hardcore! I ran from the police on City Walk. Crazy!"

"When I Was 17" — this week featuring Jeremih, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Fink — airs on Saturday at 11 a.m. ET/PT on MTV.