Justin Bieber Calls Israel Concert 'Amazing Night'

'Never going to forget this one,' singer tweets after Tel Aviv show.

It's been a trying week for Justin Bieber. After criticizing the paparazzi in Israel on his Twitter account, he then vowed to take a break from tweeting so that he could vacation with his family before his performance there on Thursday. Let's not forget he had to cancel his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well.

But on Thursday Bieber finally hit the stage without a hitch. "Well hello there," he tweeted before he took the stage at Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park. "Time to do what i love best ... perform for the fans. Israel ... its almost time. #myworldtour."

According to a concert review in The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber took the stage at 8:00 p.m. to play to an estimated 35,000 fans. While most of the show sounded like standard Bieber fare, at one point Bieber's music director, Dan Kanter, played the country's national anthem, "Hatikva." Bieber then played his inspirational track "Pray," and even paid homage to manager Scooter Braun's grandmother, a Holocaust survivor who was in the audience.

"It was perhaps the one awkward moment in the show, if only because the next line he uttered enthusiastically was, 'Who wants to be my 'Baby?!' " the writer noted in her review.

After his show, he seemed as happy about the performance as his fans. "AMAZING NIGHT ... AMAZING PLACE ... AMAZING SHOW!!" he tweeted. "NEVER GOING TO FORGET THIS ONE. #BLESSED"

Next up Bieber takes his act to the Singapore Indoor Stadium. He has shows booked abroad through May.