New Britney Spears 'Till The World Ends' Video Hits Web

The re-edited version of the post-apocalyptic party clip features more footage of Spears and her backup dancers showing off their moves.

A dance version of Britney Spears' "Till the World Ends" video has hit the Web just in time for the weekend. The original clip, which premiered earlier this month and got lots of great buzz for Spears, shows the pop vixen leading a wild underground dance party as an apocalyptic storm hits the planet, and the new video features a lot of similar footage with a number of noticeable changes.

One of the most conspicuous differences is that the new "Till the World Ends" clip offers a lengthier peek into some of the sleek moves of Spears' backup dancers. There are definitely more shots of Britney dancing as well, even if sometimes they are obscured in shadow. Interestingly enough, much of the apocalypse storyline has been edited out to make room for those new dancing shots. While the party looks the same, the fact that the world is crashing around them is a nonissue for this version of the Ray Kay-directed video.

Rather than focusing on the impending doom outside, this cut displays all the fun down in Spears' sweaty underground party. As the video closes out, there are shots of her dancers, individually, showing off their skills, intercut with footage of Spears smiling as she sings about getting her party on.

The new clip's ending is entirely different from that of the original. Instead of emerging from her post-apocalyptic party to a sun-drenched world that, well, has not ended, Spears just looks into the camera, still apparently hiding from what is assumed to be some catastrophe that has befallen the Earth. It hints at a darker finish for Spears and her partiers ... maybe in this version the world does end.

"The real music video is best, of course," Ray Kay tweeted on Thursday about his re-edited version of the clip. "But it's fun to watch the choreography too."

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