Beyonce Gets Fierce In Promo Shot For New Single

Singer looks as if she's channeling Grace Jones in photo for girl-power anthem.

Editor's note: Since publishing this story, it has come to our attention that the photo assumed to be of Beyoncé for her new single is actually a fake.

She may have retired Sasha Fierce, but that doesn't mean she's any less fierce. Beyoncé's promo shot for her girl-power anthem, possibly titled "Girls (That Rule the World)," has hit the Internet.

In the close-up, black-and-white snapshot, Beyoncé looks as if she's channeling Grace Jones. Her hair is pulled back sleekly, her mouth is slightly open and her black liquid eye makeup is done up in a funky cat-eye style. She appears to be nude and is wearing black nail polish. The shot first appeared on

target="_blank">Twitter. The question "Who run the world?" appears on the poster, with the tease, "Coming Soon."

The photo comes as more and more shots of the music video for the song have hit the Web. On Wednesday, Beyoncé was seen on the set looking like the queen of her own country, with a gigantic crown and flag with the initial "B" on it.

Just a day before, Beyoncé made headlines when she was spotted on a music video set wearing a white Givenchy jumpsuit, faux-hawk and sunglasses. The video will reportedly be directed by Francis Lawrence, who worked with Beyoncé in her Destiny's Child days. He's also worked with Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Pink.

On Thursday, a snippet of the track leaked. It's a feisty club-thumper about the power of being female.

"Love it how we're smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business," she sings. "Please, you better not play me. Oh, come here, baby/ Hope you still like me, if you pay me."

The tease certainly fit Bey's previous description of the album's vibe. "Well, I wouldn't say I'm inventing a new genre," Beyoncé explained. "I'm mixing every type of genre that I love, and I'm inspired by every type of genre. ... I'm not in a box. It's not R&B. It's not typically pop. It's not rock. It's just everything I love all mixed together in my own little gumbo of music."