Ke$ha Says Her Own Britney-Style All-Girl Tour Will Be All Guys

'Blow' singer is psyched for the summer leg of her Get $leazy Tour with Spank Rock, LMFAO.

There's certainly something to be said for girl power. Ke$ha felt it when she hit the road with Rihanna last year, when the two apparently engaged in a variety of high jinks, including some alleged backstage pillow fights.

But when MTV News caught up with the glitter-soaked party girl on Wednesday just hours before her show at New York's Roseland Ballroom and asked her who she might bring along if she were able to put together a Britney Spears-style all-girl tour, Ke$ha didn't hesitate to name her posse.

Sitting cross-legged on a couch in black tights, black cowboy boots, black leather gloves and sleeveless black rocker T-shirt, Ke$ha told us that her all-girl lineup would actually be, well, all guys. "All-girl fantasy tour?" she said, staring up at the ceiling for a moment and contemplating the idea. "I mean, I play nice with chicks. I actually put together my personal fantasy tour and I just announced the second leg of my Get $leazy Tour and that's gonna be: me and LMFAO and Spank Rock."

And while the upcoming outing will be light on the estrogen — much like the first leg of her $leazy tour, on which she is sharing the stage with party-rap dude Beardo — Ke$ha insisted that it still will offer what her fans have come to expect from her shows. "It's not an all-girls tour, but it's gonna be f---ing sleazy," she maintained.

That macho vibe has been on display during to the winding-down first leg of the $leazy fest, which Ke$ha has nicknamed the "I Can Do Whatever We Want Tour." So, what kind of perks come with being a first-time headliner? "Blasting glitter violently at people, even if they don't want it," said Ke$ha. "It's like they don't even have a choice. It is a little volatile, but I do it anyways. I feel like people know me for my glitter and I don't want to disappoint."

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