'X Factor' Judge L.A. Reid Hints At Another Record Label Gig

'I'm nobody's fool, I didn't give up my day job,' former Universal exec tells Hot 97 of Sony rumors.

Could L.A. Reid have another music executive gig up his sleeve? The music mogul resigned from his chairman post at Island Def Jam to become a judge on Simon Cowell's "X Factor," but he's been dropping hints that he hasn't completely abandoned the record label boardroom.

When MTV News asked Reid whether the relationship "X Factor" has with Sony Music — the winner will get a recording contract from the label — means he may be taking on an executive role at the company in the near future, he didn't totally dismiss the notion.

"You're good, you are so good, you're good, let's have that conversation another time," Reid coyly told us. "Just hold that one for a little while; slow down, pal."

On Tuesday, during a phone interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, Reid dodged a similar question from the radio personality while also noting that his gig on "X Factor" is only one of his gigs and "just a little bit of a shift." "Listen, I'm nobody's fool, I didn't give up my day job," Reid told Martinez. "I had to leave Universal Music Group and try my hat on someplace else that we'll announce. We'll announce that one in a little while."

While at Def Jam Reid, reported to Doug Morris, who recently left his post as chairman of the Universal Music Group. Morris will formally assume the role of CEO of Sony Music on July 1.

Besides a recording contract from Sony Music, the eventual winner of "X Factor" will take home $5 million in cash. Cowell, Reid and the rest of the still-unannounced judges will be seeking artists with astronomical talents to match that windfall.

"I'm personally looking for artists that are along the lines of today's pop stars," Reid said. "Whether it be a Rihanna or a Justin Bieber or a Kanye West or a Beyoncé or a Lady Gaga, I'm looking for talent that's like that, that's what I love. I love pop stars; that's what I get off on. But not only in pop music, it can be Drake or it could be Jay-Z or it could be Lil Wayne. I'm just looking for a wide range of artists to come out who have the potential to become stars like that."