Beyonce Waves Her 'B' Flag In New Video Set Photos

Leaked pictures show diva in an elaborate headdress, surrounded by female 'soldiers.'

On Tuesday, Beyoncé fans went batty when photos of the Queen B — reportedly taken on the set of her brand-new music video — began making the rounds. The blurry snaps show B rocking a fierce faux-hawk, white jumpsuit and sunglasses, reportedly Givenchy couture (like there was any doubt) and, according to fan sites like BeyonceDaily, are from the shoot for a song called "Girl."

Aside from that, details remained scarce ... until Wednesday (April 13) that is, when even more on-set pics hit the Net. In the new photos, Beyoncé stands in a smoky, post-apocalyptic war zone, wearing an elaborate headdress and holding a battle flag aloft (and it sure looks like said flag is emblazoned with a big "B"). She's surrounded by an army of dancers, each of whom is dressed in what could charitably be called "Les Misérables" chic, their fists thrust triumphantly in the air.

It's not exactly clear if the photos are taken from the set of "Girl" or, as some reports suggest, they're from another video shoot, supposedly for a song called "'Till the End of the World." Regardless, Beyoncé is clearly up to something, and her flurry of activity only lends credence to a report in Australia's The Daily Telegraph that she'll be releasing the follow-up to her massive I Am ... Sasha Fierce in late June.

When MTV News last spoke to Beyoncé, she told us she was aiming to bust barriers with the new album, proclaiming that she was drawing inspiration from "every type of genre."

"I'm not in a box," she said. "It's not R&B. It's not typically pop. It's not rock. It's just everything I love all mixed together in my own little gumbo of music."

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