Rihanna Addresses 'X Factor' Rumors

'It's something that I would have loved to do,' singer says on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

Rihanna was rumored to be a potential judge on "X Factor," alongside Simon Cowell and her former label boss L.A. Reid. However, the songstress confirmed to Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday (April 13) that while there were discussions about her joining the show, she couldn't put her career on hold long enough to commit.

"I just heard about it actually, but, yes, it's something that I would have loved to do, actually. But our schedule doesn't allow and it's a demanding schedule to be on that show. You have to be around months at a time, which is impossible for me."

What was easier to schedule was getting Britney Spears on the remix of her track "S&M." "It was automatic; it was a go. She was great, really professional," she said of the track, which was released earlier this week. "I think that's what makes this collaboration so successful: It's two female artists within the same genre of music. We have similar sounds. It's very unexpected to see two artists collaborate and get together. The fans are really appreciative of that."

She added that while the song is "very provocative," she thinks people need to take the lyrics and redirect the message to be about something more than just sex. "When I first heard this record, I automatically knew those words didn't mean [that] ... it was about my love-hate relationship with the media," she explained of the message, one that Spears can also certainly relate to. "I knew what the song was to me and I wanted to make that point in the video. The video got banned in a lot of countries even though I didn't think it was that raunchy. I thought it was fun and quirky. I really didn't expect the song to go this far."

Rihanna's upcoming busy schedule includes performing at the Billboard Music Awards next month and co-headlining the V Festival with Eminem in the U.K. this August.