Britney Spears Tour Invite 'Is Such An Honor,' Nervo Say

Aussie DJ duo tell MTV News they're ready to 'spread the Nervo love' on Femme Fatale tour.

Nervo's Mim and Liv will be joining Britney Spears this summer for her highly anticipated Femme Fatale tour, alongside Nicki Minaj and Jessie and the Toy Boys.

When the Aussie twins spoke to MTV News on Tuesday, the same day the tour lineup was announced, they seemed genuinely surprised by the news, calling the slot "such an honor."

"We have worked with her team of people for songwriting camps and stuff like that, but we've never met Britney. It's been a dream to have one of our record productions on her album, but we didn't get there this time," Mim said.

All the acts on the tour are female, so Liv thinks "it's going to be ladies night every night. I imagine we'll be playing some of our club releases," she added of Nervo's set. "It'll be a DJ set and very electronic and house-based. We're really excited to be able to warm everyone up with some sexy house music."

The girls are also excited about the prospect of meeting Britney. "I wonder if I'll be starstruck? I just love her. I just love her records. She always releases great pop records. I really respect her," Mim said.

"You hear rumors that [the openers] never really get to meet [the main acts]," Liv said. "I hope we get to hang out. We've been told we're going to be on an RV for a lot of it. I love the whole experience of being on a tour bus. I love the road."

Since the tour seems to be all about girl power, the two sassy ladies explained what makes them such femme fatales. "I guess we have a no-fear attitude," Mim said. "We don't let our being girls stop us. Certainly DJing is a very male-dominated [field], and we haven't let us being girls stop us."

Bottom line: They're hoping through their house-music set they can "spread the Nervo love."

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