Taylor Lautner's 10 Best MTV Quotes

Gear up for Lautner's 'MTV First' interview Wednesday at 7:56 p.m. ET by looking back at a few choice lines he's given us.

Taylor Lautner has changed a lot since we first met him in April 2008 on the Portland, Oregon, set of "Twilight." He's gone from a skinny 16-year-old who not everyone believed would be able to convincingly portray jacked-up werewolf Jacob Black to a 19-year-old heartthrob who elicits screams from fans every time he doffs his shirt and who is set to become the highest-paid teen in Hollywood.

Not too bad, right? Yet as his body has transformed and his celebrity has exploded, Lautner has managed to stay the same person. That's the unmistakable takeaway as we dive back into our archival interviews with the actor in the run-up to "MTV First: Taylor Lautner," a 30-minute interview set for Wednesday on air and online. From back in '08 up until this very day, Lautner has remained a funny, goofy, sometimes shy, always thankful kid.

With those thoughts in mind, check out our 10 favorite Lautner quotes from MTV News interviews and tell us if you can possibly disagree:

10. "I think they might start crying." — On the reaction to fans seeing him shirtless in "New Moon"

9. "It is a little awkward for me to watch myself and, actually, when we're filming those scenes." — On shooting those shirtless scenes

8. "One second I'll be listening to country, and then the next I'll be listening to techno and then R&B. It's ridiculous. I am all over the place with my music." — On his musical tastes

7. "It's like the worst superhero power, possibly, to get, and how you're going to take that and use it for good and how you're going to be creative with that." — On the abilities of Stretch Armstrong, a character he signed on to play last year

6. "It's my favorite, because it's the most guy-friendly by far. It's dangerous. There's a lot of action. The romance is still there, but the action level is stepped up way more." — On why "Eclipse" is his favorite "Twilight" book

5. "The quote I love the most is Jacob's quote: 'Does my half being naked bother you?' That quote just cracks me up. Because, you know, that's when he's shirtless, not wearing a top." — On his favorite line in a "Twilight" book

4. "It gets kind of itchy." — On his "Twilight" wig

3. "It caught me by surprise when I read the book. I think I originally heard it happened through somebody who had already read it — and I didn't believe it. Then I read the book, and I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me.' " — On his initial reaction to the book release of "Breaking Dawn"

2. "There's a scene where I'm carrying [Kristen Stewart], and it's also, like, four pages of dialogue. So I'm carrying her, and we're walking through the woods, and I'm talking to her, and it's a pretty intense talk. We actually had plans, a rig that was basically going to carry her, and I was just going to pretend that I was carrying her. We got there on the day, and the rig didn't look very natural. They were like, 'What are we going to do?' and I'm like, 'I'll just carry her. She's like, what, 110 pounds? It's no big deal!' " — On filming an "Eclipse" scene with his co-star

1. "To growl. I'm asked that by a lot by fans, and I don't like doing that. So, fans, please don't ask me that. Wait for the movie." -- On his least-favorite question

What's your favorite Taylor Lautner MTV quote? Let us know in the comments!

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