Justin Timberlake, Drake Support 'Real Men' Campaign

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's foundation against child sex slavery also gets help from Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper.

Some of the biggest men in entertainment are flaunting their acting chops for a good reason. In partnership with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's Real Men Don't Buy Girls campaign, Justin Timberlake, Drake and a string of other men have come together to film a series of comical spots to promote the movement's message against child sex slavery.

Kutcher took to

target="_blank">Hope140.org to guest blog about the campaign, explaining why he and Moore chose to mix comedy with the issue's serious undertones.

"We want to engage people, educate them, get them thinking and talking about it, in order to raise awareness and ultimately end child sex slavery," the actor wrote. "We came up with the concept of the 'Real Men Don't Buy Girls' campaign, which aims to engage people, specifically men, in the issue. To do so, we filmed short, funny videos about things 'Real Men' do, starring high-profile influential men and women."

In short, Kutcher explained that the message of the video campaign is that real men "do a lot of silly, even foolish things," but they don't buy children for sex. "That's not funny, and Real Men don't do it," he added.


target="_blank">Timberlake's minute-long spot, the singer-turned-actor hums to himself as he lathers his face with shaving cream. However, instead of using a razor to remove his 5-o'clock shadow, the newly single star cranks a chainsaw before a voiceover says: "Real men prefer a close shave."

Eva Longoria concludes the spot with a framed photo of Timberlake alongside fellow hall of fame "real men." Standing inside a log cabin, the actress offers another addition to the club: "Perez Hilton is a real man. Are you?" she asks.

Drake presents another strangely comical message

target="_blank">in his spot. As he walks down a city street, the Young Money MC puts a cell phone conversation on hold when he sees a beckoning silver robot on a side street. The duo gaze into one another's eyes before Drake sucker punches the android and walks away.

"Real men are distrustful of robots," says the voiceover.

Other "real men" participating in the campaign spots include Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx and Jason Mraz, with similar video formats and the same signature closing tagline: "Real men don't buy girls."

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