Kanye West, 30 Seconds To Mars Pick Up More O Music Awards Nods

Interactive awards show premieres Thursday, April 27, at 11 p.m. ET on OMusicAwards.com.

When the O Music Awards were first announced, organizers promised that the show would be anything but traditional. And if the first wave of nominees — featuring categories like Favorite Animated GIF and Favorite F--- Yeah Tumblr — didn't convince you, well, then perhaps the second round will.

On Monday, the OMAs not only added fan-submitted nominees to existing categories, but they also went ahead and unveiled a brand-new one too— and, from the look of things, Kanye West is going to win at least once.

That's because Best Tweet (All [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]) has been added to the show, a category comprised of — if you couldn't guess — nothing but West's greatest 140-character-or-less missives. West joins an ever-growing list of OMA nominees, like 30 Seconds to Mars, whose ultra-explicit "Hurricane" clip was added to the NSFW Music Video category at the request of their fans; Adam Lambert, who was added to the Must-Follow Artist On Twitter field (fittingly, West is also in the running here); and Muse and Trey Songz, both of whom were added to the Fan Army FTW category after being nominated by their fans.

Fan-submitted noms have also been added to categories like Most Viral Dance, Innovative Music Video, Best Independent Music Blog and Best Fan Forum. To take a look at the full field of OMA categories — and vote for your favorites — head over to the O Music Awards website. You can follow the top vote-getters in each category on a real-time leader board in the weeks leading up to the premiere of the OMAs on Thursday, April 27, at 11 p.m. ET on OMusicAwards.com.

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