Ryan Reynolds Explains His ‘Extraordinary’ ‘Green Lantern’ Character Arc

'When we meet Hal Jordan, he's a cocky, sarcastic, arrogant type of guy and he's given this extraordinary gift,' he tells MTV News.

The first time we see Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan in the trailer for “Green Lantern,” he wakes up in bed next to a woman he doesn’t seem to have known for long. “Make yourself at home,” he tells her as he rushes out. “There’s water in the tap.” A gracious host he’s not.

That trailer introduction to Jordan is a fairly accurate representation of the test-pilot we meet in the beginning of the upcoming film, before an encounter with an intergalactic visitor gifts him with a power ring that turns Jordan into a superhero.

“When we meet Hal Jordan, he’s a cocky, sarcastic, arrogant type of guy and he’s given this extraordinary gift,” Reynolds told MTV News at CinemaCon recently. “Rather than [have] that amplify those character traits, he’s in fact humbled by it and given purpose in his life, which is what he lacked.”

Audiences won’t have to wait too long before Jordan undergoes that transformation. “We’re into it [early],” Reynolds said. “It’s an accelerated process. You don’t really want the movie to start in the third act.”

Jordan isn’t the only character who will experience a full-scale reinvention. In the new movie, Sinestro (Mark Strong) is a faithful member of the Green Lantern Corps that Jordan joins. But as DC Comics fans know, Sinestro will eventually take a dark turn — one that will be hinted at in the film.

“You definitely feel it. But he’s an ally in this film,” Reynolds said. He added about Jordan’s relationship with Sinestro, “I would say it’s contentious. Humans are looked down upon by a lot of the Green Lanterns — they’re kind of a sub-species.”

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