Oh Land Says 'Son Of A Gun' Is A 'Metaphor' For 'Dangerous' Love

'It's a love story about being in a relationship with a person who's kind of destructive, but you keep coming back,' she tells MTV News.

Oh Land (born Nanna Øland Fabricius) decided to just use her middle name for the stage, and with good reason.

"You don't know whether it was a girl or a boy or a band and in that way, people would just pay attention to the music," the Danish singer told MTV News when we caught up with her recently in New York City's Tribeca.

Of course, with her unique voice and electronic-inspired pop tracks, it's hard to imagine anyone overlooking Oh Land's music. "I think my music has become a mix of all the ... sounds that I've been hearing growing up," she said, citing her parents — both classical musicians — and her discovery of electronic acts like Portishead and Massive Attack at the age of 12 as major influences. "And, of course, it's blended into being my unique mix."

That unusual sonic mix makes up her self-titled debut, which was released in March. Its lead single, "Son of a Gun," is a spritely track with a lilting, infectious chorus. The accompanying video has just been put into rotation on MTV and features Oh Land in two different aspects: one angular and dark, the other bathed in warm light with the singer sporting flowing hair.

"I wanted the video to show the two different states that you can get in when you are in love with someone," she explained of the clip, which was shot last year in Brooklyn. The polarity of the desire to be loved and the joys of being in love (the light) and the desire to protect oneself from being hurt and celebrating independence (the dark) plays out in the visual.

" 'Son of a Gun' I wrote in L.A.," Oh Land said. "It's a love story about being in a relationship with a person who's kind of destructive, but you keep coming back because you can't let it go. And then I liked that it was also a metaphor for how we orbit around the sun."

Musing on the song's focus, she added, "The sun is a really beautiful thing: a sunset, a sunrise is spectacular. But it's also something we need to protect ourselves against, because it can burn you and it can be dangerous."

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