'Your Highness' Finds The 'Humanity' In Its Villain

'He actually gets more and more neurotic as the movie goes along,' Justin Theroux tells MTV News of his sinister character Leezar.

"Your Highness" stars Danny McBride and Justin Theroux weren't worried about getting an audience to show up to their zany action/fantasy/comedy flick. The challenge, however, was getting moviegoers to run with their jokes and the liberties taken during filmmaking.

As McBride told MTV News, they wanted to make "a legitimate fantasy action movie and then [figure] out how to make it a comedy without blowing the fantasy out of the water and still keeping that."

"At the end of the day, when you're involved in a movie like this, you want the audience to let go and be able to follow this," McBride said. "Even in finding a villain like Justin — he destroys that role. He's awesome at it. For us, even finding humor in a guy who has to fulfill a prophecy and he has all these pressures put on him by his parental figures, we're just trying to find the humanity and the comedy in all these characters."

Theroux added that for his character, the delightfully sinister and sleazy Leezar, half the fun was playing a different take on a villain.

"He's one of these guys who actually starts strong and then finishes soft, in a great way," Theroux explained. "He's all f---ng bluster when he shows up, but by the end he gets more and more human, which is a strange way to go with a villain. Normally they're at their craziest in Act 3, and then they pop a cork in whatever happens," he said. "He actually gets more and more neurotic as the movie goes along, as more and more pressure is put on him."

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