Taylor Lautner Compares His Abs To Robert Pattinson's In His #4 Moment

Lautner will debut the 'Abduction' trailer and chat with MTV News on Wednesday at 7:56 p.m. ET.

When Taylor Lautner hit the MTV VMAs back in September 2009, he turned up with a gift for his fans: an extended trailer for the second "Twilight" flick, "New Moon." Although it seems like a lifetime ago, Twi-hards had yet to see Lautner transformed into a beefier Jacob Black.

On the VMA red carpet, Lautner told MTV News that fans would probably have a visceral reaction to seeing him as a shirtless werewolf for the first time. Now, with just a few days until our special "MTV First: Taylor Lautner," which premieres Wednesday, April 13, on air and online, we're reliving that shirtless unveiling, our #4 favorite moment with the "Abduction" star.

"I think they might start crying," he quipped about fans' likely reaction to seeing his physique.

But Lautner seemed unsure about who would win in an ab-off between him and fellow "Twilight" stud Robert Pattinson, who also began hitting the gym as production on the next "Twilight" flick got under way. (At the time of the awards show, the cast was in the middle of shooting the David Slade-directed "Eclipse.")

"I don't know [who would win]. Rob, he's getting some muscle," Taylor admitted. "There's some good competition," he laughed, adding about RPattz, "No, he definitely doesn't need any pointers at all. He's got it covered."

Lautner has since bulked up, not only his abs, but also his résumé. He's set to wrap up production on the two-part "Breaking Dawn, the final films in the "Twilight" series, and he'll exclusively premiere the trailer for his action/thriller "Abduction" on "MTV First: Taylor Lautner." The clip debuts on Wednesday at 7:56 p.m. ET.

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