The Game Praises 'Red Nation' Producers Cool & Dre

'Those guys always come through,' the L.A. rapper says about the Miami production duo behind his new single.

Dr. Dre isn't the only go-to producer that Los Angeles rapper [artist id="1340778"]the Game[/artist] is keeping in his arsenal. "Red Nation," the lead single from his forthcoming LP, The R.E.D. Album, was produced by Miami-based duo Cool & Dre.

On the set of the Parris-directed "Red Nation" video in downtown L.A., the rapper born Jayceon Taylor had high praise for his Grammy-nominated collaborators.

"Cool & Dre, those are like two of my brothers in hip-hop, man," Game told MTV News. "From 'Hate It or Love It' to 'Red Nation,' 'Big Dreams,' they did a lot of my songs, man. They did [my 2008 track] 'Camera Phone' with Ne-Yo -- those guys always come through."

The aforementioned "Hate It or Love It," from Game's debut album, The Documentary, rose to #1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2005 and featured his one-time G-Unit ally -- and now nemesis -- 50 Cent. The Game is keeping friendlier company on "Red Nation," which boasts a chorus performed by Lil Wayne. Cool & Dre already had the Young Money boss in mind when they submitted the track to the Game.

"They called me on the phone and they was like, 'I got a song, it's "Red Nation," and you're going to love it and you put Weezy on the hook and it's going to be crazy, right?!' " Game explained. "That's how they always kind of make the song, and then tell you who they think you should put on it. It's just fun to see it come to life, man."

Keeping with the all-red-everything theme of the tune, the Game debuted a new haircut at the video shoot, a maroon -- or bright red, depending on who you ask -- Mohawk.

"I kinda wanted to do something new for the day," the Game said of the 'do. "I think I'mma stick with it, man. I been getting a lot of rave reviews. The ladies seems to love it. Couple of haters out there. But if I dyed my hair green or kept it black, they'd still be out there waiting to hate on something. But we need the haters, man. Without the haters we can't be who we are."

The Game has been working on The R.E.D. Album at least since 2009, when he told MTV News it would be his most lyrical effort.