Taylor Lautner Fist-Bumps Tom Cruise In His #5 MTV Moment

Lautner will debut the 'Abduction' trailer and chat with MTV News this Wednesday at 7:56 p.m. ET.

For a while, Taylor Lautner was pretending he wouldn't be able to make it to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Of course, faithful members of Team Jacob know how that turned out: The "Twilight" star was on hand to present an exclusive "Eclipse" clip, take the stage to accept a Best Movie win for "New Moon" and take part in a ridiculous spoof with Robert Pattinson called "Bad-Ass Cops."

But in the run-up to the big show, Lautner had some fun, during an MTV promo, suggesting he might have other plans for his evening — plans that didn't make Tom Cruise very happy. As we count down the days until "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" hits the air and the Web on Wednesday, April 13, at 7:56 p.m. — and count off our favorite encounters with the young star — we hauled the promo out of our archives because: A) It still makes us laugh, and B) It's Taylor's #5 MTV moment.

In the promo, Cruise's egomaniacal alter-ego, Les Grossman, finishes ripping "Avatar" director James Cameron a new one — "I want it in 4-D! Do it," he screams — and turns to Lautner to discuss the upcoming Movie Awards.

"Les, we already talked about this, remember?" Lautner tells him. "My agents told you that weekend is my best friend's wedding."

"Understood. All cool," Les says, and brings in a schlubby fella he says will stand in for Lautner at the wedding.

Despite Taylor's skepticism, Grossman says that everything's going to work out, then offers up his fists for Tay-Tay to pound.

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