Curren$y Says One Alchemist Song Turned Into Covert Coup Mixtape

'You work with artists, and then that way, your music will stand,' Curren$y tells MTV News of picking producers.

New Orleans rapper Curren$y has a fresh deal with Warner Bros. Records, but it's not stopping him from releasing free music. The former Young Money Records signee made his name in the hip-hop world via prolific mixtape releases that helped land him on the cover of XXL Magazine's 2009 Freshmen cover.

Now, Curren$y will be releasing the Covert Coup mixtape April 20. The album will be available for download at Covert Coup is produced by Alchemist (Eminem, Mobb Deep, Nas), and guests include Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy.

The mixtape came together after Spitta and Alchemist connected to record only one song. "I was going to do one record and give it away, that night, but we did three," Curren$y told MTV News. "We did one; I was like, 'We'll give this one away.' Then [Alchemist] was like, 'Well, we need another one to make up for that one.' So we did one, and I was like, 'Yo, let me hear that other beat that you played before you played the one we just did,' and then that turned into another one. And three is, like, 10. You might as well go ahead and get it done."

Curren$y is comfortable collaborating on projects where one producer oversees the bulk of the beats. He released a pair of albums last year (Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk 2) that were handled almost entirely by Ski Beatz (Jay-Z, Camp Lo).

"Producers, that's an art. So you work with artists, not hustlers," Curren$y explained. "Not people just milling beats. It's like beat mills, don't do that. You work with artists, and then that way, your music will stand. You're not trying to sell 10 million records right now. Sell that over time. Sell it to where you're 50 and your records still selling because people who grew up with you are trying to show their kids what's effed up about the game, and then they go to the record store and buy your record to play that for them."

On the day of Covert Coup's release, Curren$y will kick off a nationwide Jet Life Tour that runs through June. Its first show, in New Orleans, will be streamed live to Los Angeles and New York.

The Covert Coup track list, according to Warner Bros.:

1. "BBS"

2. "The Type" (featuring Prodigy)

3. "Blood Sweat and Gears" (featuring Fiend)

4. "Ventilation"

5. "Life Instructions" (featuring Smoke Dza)

6. "Smoke Break"

7. "Double 0 7"

8. "Scottie Pippen" (featuring Freddie Gibbs)

9. "Full Metal"

10. Coming Up

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