Britney Spears' 'Till The World Ends' Video Nods To 'Slave 4 U'

Latest clip reminds us of her 2001 smash -- and it's not the first time the pop superstar has sampled her own video catalog.

With Wednesday's release of Britney Spears' new video for "Till the World Ends," the pop diva showed she can dance her way through anything — even an apocalypse.

Now, although "Till the World Ends" takes place in the future, it's hard to watch it without feeling transported to the past. The edgy look, steamy scenes and pulsating dance moves take us back to Spears' 2001 hit "Slave 4 U." Some of the key elements of "Till the World Ends" mirror "Slave," from the videos' sweaty dance scenes to the sexy wardrobe changes to an almost identical scene in which Britney sits among a group of sultry dancers.

And this isn't the first time the princess of pop has paid homage to herself. Spears' over-the-top videos have typically featured some distinct elements: memorable story lines ("Toxic"), standout choreography ("Oops! ... I Did It Again") and midriff-bearing outfits ("I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"). So we can't say we blame her for looking back.

In 2008, Spears released her video for "Womanizer," which gave us a case of déjà vu, reminding us of her iconic "Toxic" clip. Borrowing a similar concept, Britney took on multiple personalities and sought revenge on a man who had done her wrong. However, the most jarring similarity was the wardrobe, or lack thereof. Spears played off the most memorable "Toxic" look — a nude bedazzled bodysuit — but took it one step further when she decided to bare all for "Womanizer."

Another recurring theme of Spears' videos happens to be a recurring theme in her real life: the constant media scrutiny. Spears has never hidden the fact that she's not a fan of all that paparazzi attention, and she playfully illustrated her battle with the photographers in "Piece of Me." But Spears' video résumé also finds her playing a variety of roles, from a young schoolgirl in "...Baby One More Time" to a bubble-gum-popping waitress in "(You Drive Me) Crazy," even a sexy flight attendant in "Toxic."

Earlier this year, the pop star reminded the world of just how memorable her music video catalog really is, when she surrounded herself with several of her classic video looks in "Hold It Against Me." The clip may have given viewers a glimpse of her past, but at the rate that Spears is going, it seems the best is yet to come.

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