Robert Pattinson Says 'Cosmopolis' Co-Star Sarah Gadon Has 'A Great Face'

Actor also tells MTV News about working on a 'very specific accent' for the David Cronenberg film.

Thanks to all the quality time MTV News has been getting with Robert Pattinson lately, via our "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" and "Water for Elephants" interviews, we've been able to glean a few fun details from the "Twilight" superstar about his upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," of course, as well as the slightly more mysterious "Cosmopolis."

What we know so far is that Pattinson will be directed by David Cronenberg in the role of young finance guru Eric Packer, opposite Sarah Gadon, who recently signed on to play Packer's estranged wife. The novel is a modern reinterpretation of James Joyce's classic "Ulysses," set in New York in the year 2000, around the burst of the dot-com bubble. Most of the action in the book takes place over the course of one day, in the limousine Packer takes to his various errands.

When MTV News caught up with Pattinson, we asked him for his thoughts on his new co-star.

"I've seen a couple of things she's done. She's really good," Pattinson said of Gadon. "She has a great face. ... I haven't talked to her yet, but I think it's going to be a great cast."

Regarding other prep work he's doing before filming begins sometime next month, Pattinson is getting some voice coaching.

"I'm working with a dialect coach now. There's this very specific accent," he said. "And yeah, just sort of various sort of things."

For those unfamiliar with Gadon, a 23-year-old Toronto native, she most recently worked with Cronenberg in his "A Dangerous Method" and has a slew of TV credits to her name, including the SOAP Net series "Being Erica" and ABC's "Happy Town."

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