Lady Gaga's 'Judas' Single To Drop On April 19

Mother Monster reveals the song's release date in new online video post.

The opening minute or so of the 41st installment of Lady Gaga's Gagavision, the first edition of the pop superstar's video blog after a lengthy hiatus, shows her getting her makeup applied with a searing techno song playing as the soundtrack. As the close-up footage of Gaga's face gets rolling, words appear on the screen announcing, "Music from Born This Way 5-23-11."

But it's the end of the Gagavision episode that likely will excite the singer's fans the most, as it includes an announcement all of her Little Monsters have been waiting for — the release date for her next single, "Judas." As Gaga is shown dancing in rehearsals for the "Judas" video, which she co-directed with her creative director, Laurieann Gibson, Mother Monster is heard in a voice-over saying, "So that concludes Gagavision Number 41. 'Judas' is coming. Let the cultural baptism begin." A message is then shown that reads, "Judas April 19. If they were not who you were taught they would be, would you still believe?"

The Gagavision installment also gives fans a glimpse at what life is like for Gaga, sometimes in a grainy black-and-white documentary style similar to Madonna's "Truth or Dare." The video is filled with behind-the-scenes footage of Gaga, getting her makeup done, getting styled to do promo ("We should just wear a classic black suit all the time or just nudity," she remarks as she checks herself in the mirror while wearing a partially see-through black outfit) and approaching a protestor at one of her Monster Ball tour stops.

The protestor, who is at the show handing out "Get Out of Hell Free" cards, chides Gaga's because of her "pervert ways." When she lets him know that she believes in God and even went to Catholic school, he says to her, "That's probably most of your problem is you got raised in a screwy religion." Later on we see the singer again in front of a mirror as she comments about the man's seeming intolerance. "It just makes me sad that my fans have to see that," she says.

"Judas" will be the second single off Gaga's Born This Way album, which will be released on May 23. Promotion for the record will include a May 27 appearance on "Good Morning America" that will kick off the show's summer concert series and the May 7 premiere of her highly anticipated HBO special, which was taped at New York's Madison Square Garden in February.