Britney Spears Throws Sweaty Dance Party In 'Till The World Ends' Video

The pop star escapes the apocalypse in Ray Kay-directed clip.

Remember when Britney Spears threw a sweaty, dirty dance party in an unfinished apartment and slinked around wearing underwear over her pants in 2001's "Slave 4 U"? Well, the party is back, and it's as dirty as ever in the clip for "Till the World Ends," which premiered on Wednesday (April 6).

As befits the song title, the video takes place during the apocalypse, on December 21, 2012. Spears takes her party underground, beneath the sewers of an anonymous big city, somewhere in the world. As the buildings crumble around them and fiery masses fall from the sky, all Britney and her pals want to do is flirt and dance.

The video was shot in Los Angeles in mid-March, and though Spears complained to us about the "grimy and gross" shooting conditions in a dank warehouse, her energy never wavers in the finished product.

Directed by Ray Kay (Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga) and choreographed by Brian Friedman (who has worked with Britney throughout this current Femme Fatale era), the director's cut of the video is a sexy mash-up of Spears doing what she does best: groping half-naked guys, giving the camera bedroom eyes and being sassy in a number of leather jackets and skintight bodysuits, including a red one that seems to be a nod to her Martian Queen catsuit from "Oops!... I Did It Again." She smiles big and bright for the camera, and then looks sultry as she prances around and tosses her hair about like some dystopian siren. A closer look at her frisky pop-and-lock moves will be further explored in a choreography cut of the video to be released later on.

While Spears spends much of the party seemingly happy to be away from the dangers of the apocalypse outside, eventually she emerges to a world that didn't end, smiling as the sun bathes her in its warm glow.

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