Jamie Campbell Bower 'Kind Of Scared' Of 'Harry Potter' Exhibit

'Camelot' star says being part of New York's 'Harry Potter: The Exhibition' is 'a bit weird.'

In New York City, fans can check out "Harry Potter: The Exhibition" at the Discovery Times Square building. But, don't expect "Potter" star Jamie Campbell Bower to stop by anytime soon: He said the whole thing is a bit weird for him.

"Unfortunately, I can't see it," he explained to MTV News when he stopped by to talk about his new Starz series, "Camelot." On his way out of town post-interview, he shared another reason why he wasn't likely to ever check the exhibit: "I'm kind of scared of those kinds of things."

Bower explained that there's something a bit jarring about having a museum-type exhibit dedicated to a piece of work you've done. It also means that in the hearts and minds of "Potter" fans, he'll never age past 20.

"It's a bit weird. When you do a film or whatever, you're immortalized, I suppose, but in the job that you're doing," he said. "And if you take that away and put it in a different [world] — for example, that [exhibit] or the Wizarding World that they have in Orlando [Florida] — it's scary. We'll be young forever."

With the franchise coming to an end with "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" this July, Bower admitted that it's a bit bittersweet saying goodbye. "I was only on set for a very short period of time, and I only play a very small role in the film," he explained. "I suppose, just for me personally, being able to be involved in something that is taking place in England for 10 years and something that has given people jobs and a great boost to the British film industry, that was a real honor."

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