Dom Kennedy Is Taking 'A Stand' On His Latest Mixtape

L.A. MC tells Mixtape Daily he wanted The Original Dom Kennedy to show 'the way we grew up and our lifestyle.'

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Street Captain: Dom Kennedy

Representing: Los Angeles

Mixtape: The Original Dom Kennedy

Real Spit: With the exception of Game and Snoop, it may seem like the West has remained quiet for the last few years, but if you agree with that sentiment, then you probably haven't been paying close enough attention. L.A., in particular, has a gang of young, up-and-coming spitters primed to grab the mantle. Case in point, Leimert Park's very own Dom Kennedy.

Dom has been making noise on the underground for some time and now he's packing shows in a city near you. The Cali MC recently dropped his latest mixtape, The Original Dom Kennedy, and he told Mixtape Daily that it reflects the sides of him that have been missing from his previous projects.

"It was a part of me that wasn't in all of those projects, and with The Original Dom Kennedy, it was a time for me to take a stand in music. The way we grew up and our lifestyle, being kids from the inner city of Los Angeles. I just felt like that was missing," Dom said.

Joints to Check For

» "Turn Me Out." "Produced by Swift D — shout out to Swift D — it reminds me of an L.A. house party, Friday, Saturday drive-around type song."

» "The Homies." "It's real pushing-the-line, in terms of it's not the super-nice song, pretty song," Dom explained. "But I just got to the point I was so tired of the whole feature thing. It just became such a formula for people to put out tapes and say, 'Oh, I got this person on the song, so that's why you should listen to it.' So it was like, when I was making The Original Dom Kennedy, it was like it was just me and my friends. And at the end of the day, that's what I realized: that's all you really have."

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