Kelly Rowland Feels 'Uber-Duber Sexy' On Lil Wayne Collabo 'Motivation'

Video for the track premiered Monday.

Kelly Rowland is getting some "Motivation" from Lil Wayne on her new single. The slow-burning track features Rowland's sexy vocals as Wayne drops a signature verse on the tune that the singer described to MTV News as "urgent and urban."

"Wayne and I have known each other for a [really long time]," she said of the collabo. 'Motivation' came about when I was in the studio with [producers] Jim Jonsin and Rico Love, and we kind of were just vibing. I told Rico I wanted something really sexy ... and he came up with 'Motivation' along with Jim.

"It turned into this amazing record," she continued. "I actually rushed Rico out of the studio and I went to a Heat game, and I saw Wayne there."

And the rest, as they say, is history: "I played it for him and he got on it, and it was just as simple as that."

On the track, Rowland and Wayne trade flirty quips about getting it on. " 'Motivation' makes me feel extremely, über-duber sexy," she said. "It has that personality and characteristic to it that I don't think anybody can deny. That's why when Wayne dropped that insane verse on there ... I was like, 'You really brought that up even more.' He went into the studio and just did it. I don't think it takes much for Wayne to think. He just does it. He's so admirable."

On Monday (April 4), Rowland premieres the "Motivation" video, which certainly plays to the song's sexy themes. "Sarah Chatfield directed it and Frank Gatson did the choreography. We came up with the energy, and with Frank — and I don't know how he sees something, but he got it," she recalled. "I'm so thankful I have a great team that's thinking 10 steps ahead of me. With Sarah she understood; she got the concept. It was great the way everything came together. I'm so happy that everyone can finally see it."

While many can be credited for the song and video's playful vibe, Rowland admits that Wayne adds that extra something. "I love Wayne. I always have. I've always loved his style," she said. "I always love how you don't know what's going to come out of his mouth, and he's so spontaneous and just witty. I love Wayne."

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