Britney Spears Talks Filming 'Grimy' 'Till The World Ends' Video

Singer opens up about the Ray Kay-directed video in 'I Am the Femme Fatale' MTV special.

Britney Spears took fans behind the scenes on her music video shoot for her second Femme Fatale single, "Till the World Ends," in her MTV special, "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale."

The video was shot in a dank basement somewhere in Los Angeles. Spears and her dancers don post-apocalyptic black clothing, with Spears dancing around in a studded black leather jacket and a sexy black bodysuit. In the special, Spears is seen watching the playback on the Ray Kay-directed video.

"[I watched it] just to make sure it's right and that the costume looks right and the dancers are together and we all look in unison," she explained. "It's an energy and it looks fresh. It has a certain vibe with it and it makes sense."

This marks nearly the 40th music video Spears has made in her career. And these days, she says she is just looking to have a good time. When asked if she feels she needs to top herself with every project, she responded, "Not really. I feel like I've made so many videos that I'm at the point that I genuinely want to enjoy myself, and I have such a good team of people with me ... we just have fun."

As much fun as shooting a video can be, it's also a lot of work. At one point during the making of "Till the World Ends," Spears wanted nothing more than a quick break. "The set was a little much. It was grimy and gross and it felt like there was poop everywhere when there wasn't," she recalled. "It was sweat and it was disgusting sometimes ... [I] tough it out," she laughed.

Another sticking point during the shoot was the discomfort Spears felt while dancing around in heels. "It hurts ... but it looks good," she said, adding that sometimes she changes into Uggs. "It wasn't a full-length shot, so a girl's about comfort when it's not showing."

At the end of the day though, the video was a lot more fun than work to shoot. "It was a lot of fun. I had never worked with Ray Kay before. I was really happy with the work we did," she said.