Jamie Campbell Bower Teases 'Bum Cheeks' In 'Camelot'

'Twilight' actor talks about Starz series, premiering Friday (April 1).

Jamie Campbell Bower has played with wizards and been one evil vampire, but now the British heartthrob is set to play King Arthur. The "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" star is now going to "Camelot," in the Starz series named after the legendary literary location, which premieres Friday (April 1).

Bower stopped by the MTV News offices the day his show premiered to share a big tease that will certainly persuade his admirers to watch: "You are going to see my bum cheeks, which is very nice," he revealed, adding that he hopes no one will complain, "apart from my grandma."

"You will meet the characters that you know so well, but you will not see them in the same vein that you've seen them before. You will meet Arthur, who's a young boy living a very comfortable existence and then torn from that and taken to Camelot. You will meet Merlin (played by Joseph Fiennes); he doesn't have a pointy hat or a long white beard or a wand. And you will see the world that the show takes place in."

Bower plays the lead role in which so many thespians before him swung Excalibur. But he says the new show is a much more realistic take on the classic tale. "I suppose, being from England, I've grown up around the story most of my life. The Arthur and the Camelot story has been told many times, but I don't think it's been told in the same way," he said. "We're going for a reality and a humanism."

The story of Arthur and Camelot has been around for centuries, and it seems that, even in 2011, people don't seem to tire of the classic tale. "I think, underneath it all, there's that love story between Guinevere (played by Tamsin Egerton) and Arthur, and people are always drawn to a good love story, always drawn to that idea of love that cannot be, and that's something that our show definitely has," he explained. "I think people are very happy to be taken away from the mundane existence and thrown into this magical world."

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