'Harry Potter' Epilogue Is About 'The Cycles Of Life,' Producer Says

'It's about Harry, Ron and Hermione taking their children to King's Cross station to the very place where the story began,' David Heyman reveals.

The end is coming for "Harry Potter" fans on July 15, but that hasn't left them feeling any less excited for, well, the end.

It's the question that keeps coming back again and again every time we talk to the "Potter" stars and crew: What details can you share about the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" epilogue? It is known that the principle actors reprise their roles as older versions of themselves in the scene, and despite reshoots, they still look pretty dapper as adults (though Rupert Grint wishes Ron hadn't gained as much weight as he did).

But when MTV News caught up with producers David Barron and David Heyman at CinemaCon on Thursday, we were ready to get them to share the nitty-gritty details, like just how long the scene will actually be.

"It's not long. It's about two ... a couple of minutes," Barron said. "It's long enough to tell its story. We like it. We think it works well, and it does leave you feeling a bit [emotional]."

Barron went on to say that the epilogue is more than just a look into the future of the main characters of the "Potter" series to show how they all ended up happily ever after. It's also a brief insight into the way a country recovers after a terrible war.

"We're expressing it through our three principle characters, who obviously have had a terrible time in many respects. Because they have been fighting Voldemort for longer than we can remember, and came close to death, you'll see the state of the school at the end. It was not an easy battle," he said. "As countries, as nations do, as cultures do, they recover and they renew and life carries on. It is about renewal."

That sense of renewal and of the films coming full circle will be shown both on and off the screen. Decisions were made to include loved ones and family members of the cast and crew in the epilogue sequence, like allowing Tom Felton's girlfriend Jade Olivia to play his onscreen wife.

"[The epilogue is] about the cycles of life," Heyman explained. "It's about Harry, Ron and Hermione taking their children to King's Cross station to the very place where the story began, to begin the journey that they began many years ago. It's really beautiful and really tender."

That cycle cannot be seen more clearly than in the casting of Harry and Ginny's daughter, Lily Luna Potter, in the epilogue sequence. Daniel Radcliffe revealed to MTV last year that the young girl chosen is the daughter of makeup department head Amanda Knight, who just happens to have the red hair and blue eyes that make her a perfect pick. She was born a week before Radcliffe originally got the part of Harry and, at 9 years old, was the "physical embodiment of how long we've been here" making the films.

So do Heyman and Barron know what the last scene of the "Harry Potter" franchise is? "Yes, but we're not going to tell you just yet," Heyman said with a laugh.

"It's the one where Voldemort comes back!" Barron teased. That sounds like the right time to announce a reboot of the series with Radcliffe starring as Dumbledore.

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