Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Video Look Inspired By Jellyfish

'I just wanted [Katy] to look really odd ... but still fashionable," Carol Beadle tells MTV News.

Katy Perry leaves Candyfornia for outer space in her latest video, "E.T." The otherworldly clip follows an alien woman played by the Teenage Dream singer as she falls to a planet to find her lost extraterrestrial lover. While fans are used to seeing Perry in dresses made from cupcakes and cotton candy, this time around she sports flowing gowns, metal body armor and lots of intricate makeup.

Carol Beadle, who worked with director Floria Sigismondi on the style for the video, explained to MTV News that she wanted to take things to a more "avant-garde" level in the clip. "I just wanted [Katy] to look really odd, unreal if we could, but still fashionable," she said.

"I was looking at jellyfishes and amoebas; those words were constantly used and we wanted it to look like a flash of an amoeba and then it coming to life," Beadle explained about the video's fashion inspiration. "It's like falling to the sky and the amoeba brought in the color palette and I wanted to hit it with a bit of color, so that it would pop. But to make it look 2011, it has to have a context and a reference point."

While Beadle kept Perry in mind when thinking up looks for the video, she also wanted to make sure that the fashions would fit the clip's themes and story. "I tried to see her body type and her personality and how she's perceived but, really, the main focus was on the director and I and making the story work and making her the lead," she said.

"I designed her first outfit and last outfit," Beadle continued, adding about the flowing red dress Perry is first seen wearing, as she falls from space to the planet where her lover waits for her, "We wanted her to look like she was on fire and falling from the sky."

Soon the red dress becomes this "one massive white piece" by Viktor & Rolf, which, Beadle said, was "one of the most interesting pieces from the runway."

Perry's next look is a flowing gown combined with metal pieces. "I built all the metal," Beadle revealed. "All the skirts and stuff were designed and built by me."

While Perry went spacey glam in the video, her "E.T." collaborator Kanye West kept his look decidedly Yeezy. "I went and talked to him and went through his things and his stylist had gone shopping," Beadle said. "I've worked with him before [on 'Love Lockdown']. I did one of his other videos. He's got very good style. I always find him very lovely. He's got good taste, a good eye."