Ke$ha Will Guest-Star On Nick's 'Victorious'

'It was really fun to film,' Victoria Justice says of the 'Blow' singer's cameo.

[artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] will make an appearance on the hit Nickelodeon series "Victorious." And while the role won't have the pop singer stretching her acting muscle too much — she'll be playing herself — someone else in the Sebert (that's her real last name) clan also is getting in on the action.

Ke$ha will be joined on the episode of the sitcom by her little brother, Louie. The plot will revolve around Tori (Victoria Justice) and her pals trying to win a contest to go to a Ke$ha concert. The gang must piece together golden tickets in order to win their chance to see the "Blow" singer in a private gig.

It seems that 11-year-old Louie provides the winning piece so that they can watch the glittered one perform the aforementioned track.

"It's a private concert, and yeah, I will say that the costumes are awesome and there's definitely lots of glitter," Justice told, which first reported on the episode. "It was really fun to film. It's the first time on my show that we've had a successful radio artist perform on the show. Ke$ha's kind of edgier, and I think that it's cool to bring that element to the show."

"Victorious" made its big debut last spring. When MTV News caught up with Justice at that time,the teen actress was excited about the interesting plot possibilities the show's premise provides.

"I play a girl named Tori Vega and she's kind of suddenly accepted to this performance arts high school, and from there it's her dealing with all these crazy characters that go there and normal teen problems, like trying to fit in and cute boys," Justice explained. "I also get to perform original music and sing and dance. [That] makes it a lot of fun."

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