Jamie Foxx And will.i.am Bring 'Hot Wings' To 'American Idol'

Drum line and colorfully dressed dancers bring 'Rio' song to life on 'Idol' stage.

[artist id="7590"]Jamie Foxx[/artist] and [artist id="1521450"]will.i.am[/artist] brought their "Hot Wings" to "American Idol" on Thursday (March 31).

The pair teamed up to perform their new single from the soundtrack to "Rio," the computer-animated flight tale in which they both voice characters. And they didn't come alone: They performed with a 12-member drum line and a full team of colorfully dressed dancers, while footage from "Rio" played on the video screens behind them.

Neither Foxx nor will.i.am are strangers to "Idol." Foxx was a mentor to the contestants in seasons eight and nine and also performed on the show during season eight, while will did "Just Can't Get Enough" with the Black Eyed Peas on the show just two weeks ago and also performed on the "Idol" stage with the Peas in seasons eight and nine. They both clearly know their way around the place by now and were comfortable shouting out the judges ("I see you, Randy!") mid-song.

The song is built around the repeated refrain "I wanna party, I wanna samba" and finds Foxx and will.i.am trading verses, in character as their "Rio" likenesses (Foxx plays Nico, a canary, while will.i.am plays a cardinal named Pedro). They entered the stage together via the "Idol" staircase, and Foxx — dressed in a black suit and dark shades — opened the song. Mr. i.am — dressed in a white jacket, red shirt and porkpie hat — chimed in during the second verse, rapping about ghetto blasters and speedy dance moves. The album version of the song also features the pair's "Rio" co-star Anne Hathaway, though the Oscar host was not in the Idoldome for the taping.

The performance featured elaborate choreography among the dancers (captured by the "Idol" crew via overhead cameras) and staged fighting on the side stage. At the performance's close, Foxx plugged "Rio" as "fun for the whole family."

The film hits theaters April 15, and the soundtrack — which is already available for download on iTunes — is due in stores Tuesday.

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