Jake Gyllenhaal Recalls 'Debate' On 'Source Code' Set

'We thought all the time, and that's what made it so fun,' he tells MTV News.

For the skeptical filmgoers out there who love to naysay Hollywood plot twists and turns, the stars and director of "Source Code" want you to know that they've already taken any questions and concerns you might have about the story into consideration.

The film revolves around Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) on a mission to solve the mystery behind a devastating bombing, via Source Code technology — venturing into the mind of one of the passengers on the train, eight minutes before his death.

While director Duncan Jones told MTV News recently that the film requires a "leap of faith," actor Jake Gyllenhaal promises that any questions you may have were already debated during production.

"The entire movie was a debate and the entire movie was also having to ask all the questions that the audience might be asking," Gyllenhaal revealed. "Which is why I find it so successful that when you watch the movie, you can ask whatever question and think you know the answer, and we've already asked it or answered it," he said, adding that the audience is constantly surprised. "Even if you've found out who the bomber is halfway through the movie, you don't really know what's going to happen."

Gyllenhaal went on to say that everything came together perfectly in order to execute the story in the most entertaining and interesting way possible.

"It's brilliantly written, it's very clearly and brilliantly directed, which is so hard with a sci-fi movie and also at the heart of it is a character [for whom] we created a backstory that we thought a lot about," he explained. "Each piece of his action is connected to what he does and why he does it and his own fate. I think, overall, we thought all the time, and that's what made it so fun."

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