Britney Spears Tour Will Have Post-Apocalyptic Vibe, Manager Says

' 'Till The World Ends' keeps becoming a theme for us,' Larry Rudolph says.

Though we still don't know who will join Britney Spears when she heads out on her Femme Fatale tour this summer, her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, recently gave MTV News a few hints about what her shows will look like. According to him, her shows in Las Vegas and San Francisco last weekend gave a pretty good sense of the visual spectacle of the tour.

"This is exactly the direction we're moving in," he explained about the show's futuristic, post-apocalyptic vibe that fits with her second Femme Fatale single. " 'Till The World Ends' keeps becoming a theme for us."

The shows so far have been a combination of funky sets that play on the album's hard-partying theme with sparkly, sexy costumes and sassy dance moves.

"The way we come up with a concept for a show like this is we sit with Britney, she talks to us about what she's interested in and what excites her," Rudolph explained. "We start with the songs on the album; we start with coming up with general, broad concepts. She tells us what interests her and excites her, and from there, we have [the input of music tour director] Jamie King and [choreographer] Brian Friedman."

The tour is expected to kick off on June 17 in Sacramento and will run for 26 dates through North America, winding up on August 13 in Toronto. Britney's camp had no comment on Enrique Iglesias' recent withdrawal from the bill.

Don't miss "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale," airing Sunday (April 3) at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.