NKOTBSB Release 'Don't Turn Out The Lights' Single

Group first teased the song back in December and are set to tour together this summer.

The Backstreet Boys have finally quit playing games with their fans' hearts. After giving a sneak peek of their first collaborative single with the New Kids on the Block — whom they'll be hitting the road with for a massive tour this summer — called "Don't Turn Out the Lights," NKOTBSB have now released the song in its entirety.

The peppy pop number, complete with synthesizers and the obligatory name-drop ("NKOTBSB," they announce at the beginning of the track), which was produced by Eman and written by Claude Kelly, features the sing-along chorus, "So don't turn out the lights now, lights now, lights now/ 'Cause in a minute we'll be feeling like never before/ So don't turn out the lights now, lights now, lights now/ I'll be whatever you need and more."

Vocals by members of both groups — BSB Nick Carter's and NKOTB's Jordan Knight's contributions are easily recognized — are featured on the three-and-a-half-minute dance-ready song, which sounds like a modern version of their hits from the '80s and '90s (think Jason Derulo). Likely to strike a chord with hard-core fans, the song is about rekindling a romance that's begun to fizzle: "I know we haven't been getting along at all/ I don't think that it's time ... I don't wanna say goodbye/ 'Cause just when I think it through/ The memories come flooding back/ It's like instantly I love you like that."

"Don't Turn Out the Lights" is the debut single off NKOTBSB's first album together, a self-titled record slated to drop on May 24.

As promised recently by Knight, in addition to "Don't Turn Out the Lights," the Backstreet Boys will "record probably a couple more songs with" New Kids.

Since it's not the first time the groups have performed music together (they memorably did a mash-up of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys songs during the 2010 American Music Awards), it seems they've built a good rapport with one another. The guys are ready to share the stage to perform hits from both groups' repertoires as well as new songs like "Don't Turn Out the Lights."

"It's gonna be nonstop back-and-forth action. We're really gonna play off each other," Knight explained.

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