Britney Spears 'Stumbled Upon Me' For Femme Fatale, Sabi Says

'I grew up watching Britney Spears,' pop newcomer tells MTV News about landing a feature on '(Drop Dead) Beautiful.'

There are three collaborations on Britney Spears' brand-new Femme Fatale. Black Eyed Peas leading man produced and appears on "Big Fat Bass," Travis Barker lends his drumming skills to the bonus track "Don't Keep Me Waiting," and the club track "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" features a newcomer: singer/rapper Sabi.

MTV News caught up with Sabi a few weeks before Britney's album dropped on Tuesday and, at the time, the pop newbie was still pretty floored about her appearance on the album, which is the focus of "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale," a special airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. on MTV.

"The way I understand is that Britney Spears is constantly looking for [new stuff and] had an ear out for new talent and fresh music," she explained. "Somehow, she stumbled upon me in my old group days. I was in a group called the Bangz.

"And it's just pretty crazy, I mean, I grew up watching Britney Spears," she added. "All my friends watched Britney Spears and we even had a routine to 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' that we were gonna perform, like, for a middle-school talent show. So it's a dream come true. Never did I ever think that I'd be in the mix with Britney. I'm just lucky."

In fact, the opportunity to work with the pop star was so surreal that Sabi refused to believe her luck until the ink was dry.

"I was like, 'Absolutely not,' " she joked about her initial response to the collaboration offer. "Duh! I was like, 'Yeah!' I don't know, it was crazy. I was like, 'This is surreal.' I'm the kind of person that's like, once I hear good news, until it's solidified and I see the actual proof it's a done deal, I [don't] get excited. I was like, 'This is great, but so many things can happen in between the time I'm supposed to record it.' But when it was solidified, I was like, 'Wow, this is crazy.' It's dope."

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Don't miss "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale" on Sunday, April 3, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.