Death Cab For Cutie Prep Exceptionally Live 'You Are A Tourist' Video

The clip, the 'first-ever scripted, single-take video' to be aired live as it's filmed, will premiere on April 5.

[artist id="710356"]Death Cab For Cutie[/artist] are gearing up for the May 31 release of their Codes and Keys album with a brand-new video that may not actually be a video at all.

On April 5, they'll unveil the clip for Codes' first single, "You Are a Tourist," which — according to a press release from their label, Atlantic Records — will be the "first-ever scripted, single-take video ... to be aired live as it is filmed."

The whole thing will be broadcast to the entire world on April 5 at 7 p.m. ET/ 4 p.m. PT through

target="_blank">, allowing fans to view the entire production as it unfolds. No breaks in the action, no edits, just one long, exceptionally live take.

The "Tourist" clip will be directed by Tim Nackashi — who's worked with the likes of OK Go and Radiohead — and conceptualized by frequent collaborator Aaron Stewart-Ahn, who did DCFC's "I Will Possess Your Heart" vid. Microsoft's Bing search engine will be providing exclusive behind-the-scenes content through its Facebook page and fans can add the "Tourist" event to their calendars using the mobile barcode scanning app RedLaser and a QR Code (that's that funny-looking box thing) that is being posted on Death Cab's official site and Twitter feed.

Death Cab for Cutie's Codes and Keys is now available for pre-order (in a variety of special bundles) over on the

target="_blank">band's site. In the weeks leading up to the album's release, DCFC will hit the road for a run of North American shows, beginning on May 18 in Toronto. They'll also headline the Sasquatch! Music Festival on May 28 in George, Washington.

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