Mindless Behavior Enlist Ciara, Tyga, Lil Twist For 'My Girl' Remix Video

'These kids are stars to me,' Ciara tells MTV News on the clip's set.

Mindless Behavior might be made up of four boys in their early teens, but that hasn't stopped them from grabbing the attention of established stars like Ciara, Lil Twist and Tyga, who are all featured on the remix of their hit debut single "My Girl."

The remix video debuted on BET's "106 and Park" on Monday (March 28), and MTV was on the set with the young stars a few weeks ago, just days before they kicked off their tour as Janet Jackson's opening act.

" 'My Girl' needs to just branch out," said Ray Ray, surrounded by his bandmates. " 'My Girl' is the best record ever!"

As a follow-up to their video for the original version of the song, the 'My Girl' remix video delivers plenty of choreographed dancing, references to the art and etiquette of text messaging, and teenage girls dancing around the miniature heartthrobs.

In the video, Ciara dances alongside Mindless Behavior in an industrial-like setting. Lil Twist and Tyga rap in a room full of excited fans while the boys dance along.

"A year ago, we were fans of these artists," Princeton noted. "And now we're working with them. Just to know that is great."

Ciara jumped at the opportunity to work alongside the boys. "These kids are stars to me, and they asked me to be part of the remix," she said. "I was like, 'I'm gonna be a part of this!' "

Once a teen prodigy herself, Ciara already shared something in common with Mindless Behavior. "I remember when I was young. It's really just about being a part of something that's young and fresh and something that I believe in. In this case, they're young and I want to make sure I fit in that way. I give them the young 'CiCi' in me, I guess you could say."

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